Nórdicos Arte Geométrico Jarrón De Cerámica Creativa Sala De Estar Escritorio Moderno Florero De Decoración Del Hogar Accesorios De Flores En Los Floreros De Las Ideas Del Regalo

Etiquetas: para el hogar, sala de estar decorar, florero de decoración, artifici flor, gran jarrón, florero de decorar su casa, florero, Nórdicos, negro florero, hogar decoración de la oficina moderna.

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  • Material: Cerámica
  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • La función: Florero De Mesa
  • Número De Modelo: jarrones decorativos nórdico moderno de la decoración de la casa
  • Nombre De La Marca: SAFEBET
  • Estilo: de estilo nórdico
  • Tamaño: M
  • La tecnología de superficie de: De inyección de tinta
  • proceso de: hecho a mano

Perfect. As picture. Well packed in a box. Arrived in 2 month
Just like the photo, not the darkest black but nice quality.
excellently packaged and beautiful item.
Viktor Kurylyak
Took ~3 months. Ordered in October 19, and it arrived on January 13. Was packaged well, but the colour is NOT BLACK. I asked for a 50% refund of $20 CANADIAN because I paid $40 CANADIAN (which they couldn’t understand). I thought it was a fair request to meet me halfway, but they gave me such a hard time. Their first counter offer was $5. That doesn’t even pay for the spray paint I need to buy PLUS the time I now need to spend. I wouldn’t have purchased this for $40 in the first place if I knew it was this colour. They then told me to compare the colours. My photo is taken beside a black backsplash and water bottle. Their second offer was even worse. What horrible customer service. They offered an $8 COUPON. Why in the world would I want to spend more money at your store where you are SCAMMING people and have horrible customer service? Got $20 in the end after Ali Express stepped in. DO NOT BUY.

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